School Library Impact Studies Summarized

"Quality school library programs impact student achievement. Since the 1990’s when standardized tests became a major indicator of student learning, numerous studies have been conducted to confirm the educational gains that school library programs provide in student learning.

The most universal finding is the presence of full-time, certified school librarians and appropriate support staff who implement a quality, school- integrated program of library services. It has been shown that incremental increases in the following can result in incremental gains in student learning:

• increased hours of access for both individual student visits and group visits by classes

• larger collections of print and electronic resources with access at school and from home

• up-to-date technology with connectivity to databases and automated collections

• instruction implemented in collaboration with teachers that is integrated with classroom curriculum and allows students to learn and practice such 21st century skills as problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication of ideas and information

• increased student usage of school library services

• higher total library expenditures

• leadership activities by the librarian in providing professional development for teachers, serving on key committees, and meeting regularly with the principal.

A body of research known as the “school library impact studies” that includes twenty- two states and one Canadian province confirms these basic findings."


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