Videos to use to support campaigns for school libraries:

Public Service Announcement from Shabazz HS, Newark NJ: Baby Come Back: Baby Come Back

from the Michigan Association for Media in Education: Ask Why:

kgonzalez6626. What does a Teacher Librarian really do?

SLMASE. The 21st Century Media Center Program.

How to Use the ReadySetContact Card:

used at NYLA/SLMS retreat:

No Future Left Behind
No Future Left Behind 2
Did You Know
Networked Students
Sidwell Friends School Library "ask" video
Laurie Halse Anderson acceptance speech
Social Revolution 2.0
Huffington Post list of good library videos (Including Librarians do Lady GaGa and Dewy Decimal Rap :
Joyce Valenza's "Imagine" for Library Advocacy Day
Vision of K-12 Students Today